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Forms that work is the forms advice web site created by Caroline Jarrett and Gerry Gaffney.

Caroline Jarrett 

Caroline Jarrett was a project manager specialising in Optical Character Recognition when she landed a job in 1992 delivering OCR systems to the UK Inland Revenue for processing tax forms. The systems didn't work and she found out that it was because of the way people filled out the forms. She became fascinated with the problem of how to design forms so that people find them easy to use - a fascination that shows no signs of wearing off.

Caroline runs the usability consulting company Effortmark Ltd in Leighton Buzzard, UK. She writes a column "Good Questions" on

If you'd like to ask Caroline a forms question, please email her.

You can find Caroline on Twitter and on Slideshare: @cjforms

Craig Tomlin interviewed Caroline for his blog Useful Usability.

Caroline's profile on the UPA Voice, by Cliff Anderson.

Gerry Gaffney

Gerry Gaffney has always had a fear of forms. He met Caroline while looking for ways to help clients design better forms. She persuaded him that a dispassionate point of view about forms was essential to their book. Gerry remains strangely resistant to Caroline’s obsession with forms, but is glad that someone cares that much.

Gerry runs the usability consulting company Information & Design Pty Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia. Gerry is the Director of Publications for the User Experience Professionals' Association, and he also produces Uxpod, the User Experience Podcast.

You can find Gerry on Twitter: @gerrygaffney

Contributing to this web site

This site is looked after by Malcolm Jarrett. We welcome contributions.

If you would like create an article for this site, please email Malcolm and ask to be added as a user.




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