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The design of forms

Ud_Desk_form.gifIf you want to improve the user experience of forms, this site is for you.

Resources about the design of forms

The two most popular papers are:

Our most recent presentation is:

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About the book

This is the companion web site to our book, "Forms that work: Designing web forms for usability", published by Morgan Kaufmann, an imprint of Elsevier. Chinese-cover_100.gifcover_100.gif

About our consultancy services

Both of us love to work on forms projects, and we can nearly always fit in a day or half-day of forms consultancy. We can help you with your forms by reviewing them to:

  • make them easier for your customers to fill in
  • ensure your processes will deliver the information you need
  • support you in testing to make your forms as effective as possible.

 Contact Caroline or Gerry to discuss your requirements.

Some questions about forms

We thought of calling this section "Frequently Asked Questions" but we thought we ought to be accurate. It's a collection of things people have asked us about from time to time. If your question isn't answered, please email Caroline. She'll reply as soon as she can.

Newest question: What do you think about progressive disclosure? Valid or sneaky?

"The humble form: it may seem boring, but most of your website's value passes through forms. Follow Jarrett & Gaffney's guidelines, and you'll probably double your online profits." - Jakob Nielsen, Principal, Nielsen Norman Group


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